About Us

Ideas from Patients is an initiative from Patient Centrics in collaboration with Esperity.

We all know that, as patients, some aspects related to our health and healthcare can be improved. So, why not ask directly to patients and caregivers what ideas they have to disrupt the system, or what innovative ideas they have to improve our health and healthcare? This website will be used to collect ideas from patients and caregivers. These ideas will be analysed on an ongoing basis, by a group of stakeholders in the healthcare sector (multi-disciplinary), to identify solutions that have impact and that are feasible to implement. It is our belief that co-creation together with patients is the best way to develop new innovations that have effective impact on our daily lives.

Some of the ideas will be used for The Patient Hackathon in 2020 where different stakeholders, including patients, are invited to co-create solutions for a beter (health)care. The Patient Hackathon is an event organised by Hack Belgium, in collaboration with Esperity and sponsored by Pfizer. More information about this hackathon will be shared soon.

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